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We Work For You.

- Not the Insurance Company -

Get the Full Amount You Are Owed

Studies have shown a public adjuster can get you 2-5 times more money on your own property damage. We have an established track record and 96% recovery rate.

Get Reimbursed 3 - 4x Faster

Compared to "doing it yourself", past clients have found us drive a process that get's their claim done 3 - 4 times faster.

Save Time and Peace of Mind

Resolving a complex claim is a tremendous amount of time and focused effort, and requires multiple disciplines. A Public Adjuster can take that burden off your shoulders and focus on the business.

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We promise a 2 hour turn-around time for urgent cases that demand immediate attention.

Has Your Property Been Damaged Due to Climate or Other Conditions?

A disaster unexpectedly damages stalls or destroys your business and / or property. In the critical aftermath, it’s enough of a responsibility to focus on maintaining operations and keeping your customers.

Do you also have the time and knowledge to handle your insurance company properly and get what you are owed from your policy?

The insurance company will do everything possible to limit their exposure to the claim, including sending a team to assess the damage and determine what to pay you. They are good at what they do and know all the tricks in the book – this is their job.

Do you have an insurance, engineering and negotiation expert focused solely on your interests and business?

Our professional public adjusters are there to lift that burden from beginning to end in your insurance claim process. Our public adjusters work only for you, not the insurance company. 

We level the playing field with our expertise in evaluating, documenting, and negotiating your insurance claim for the maximum amount so you can get back to business sooner.

After all was said and done: They increased my settlement by 200%, after their fees (10%), that was a net increase of 190%...

Saved me literally hundreds of hours, shortened the time from years to less than two months!

I could sleep well at night. I call that a no-brainer. Highly recommend!
Brian T.

Claims We Manage

Natural disasters such as hail storms, fire, wind, and water lead to complex commercial claims where the value of a claim requires specialized expertise.

Texas Business Owners Put their Trust in Citizens Public Adjusters to Handle Complex Insurance Claims.

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My family's refrigeration and cooled storage business was hammered by hail, and our insurance company (shall remain unnamed) was being really difficult to work with - dragging their feet, refusing to pay for a large portion of the damage - was a nightmare.

Ultimately: got done in a month what we'd been trying to do for 6 months, and the full claim paid.

Highly recommend, do yourself a favor and talk to them, experts, professional, and really great to work with. Thanks again!
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Chad P.

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Get a copy of our experts guide to dealing with insurers!

5 ways insurers avoid paying your commercial hail claim guide

Do you know what to do right after a hail storm?

Get a copy of our FREE guide on Maximizing Your Hail Insurance Claim. Don’t leave money on the table!

The Insurance Company has their Expert, Shouldn't you have Yours?

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Blake Morris, V.P. Business Development

Maximize Your Settlement

Our 30 years of experience is the advantage you need to maximize your settlement.

Find Quality Contractors

Our network of contractors, construction professionals and other trusted advisors will ensure your property is restored to its original condition.

Expedite Your Repair

We will protect your restoration from long, drawn-out deadlines, ensuring you're back in business with minimized disruption.

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We know Texas and have a wide network of local resources to manage the entire claims process

Proudly Serving All of Texas

Headquarted in Dallas, serving San Antonio, El Paso, Austin, Corpus Cristi, Denton, Houston and outlying areas hit by hail storms and other natural disasters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Public Insurance Adjuster is a licensed and bonded insurance professional who assists policyholders with the complicated insurance claim process when they suffer an insured loss. 

There are three types of adjusters licensed by the State of Texas:

Insurance Company Adjuster – is employed by an insurance company to represent the insurance company in dealing with your claim. The Insurance Company’s adjustments main responsibility if to protect their interests, which may include trying to get you off as cheaply as possible or not at all, and collecting data on how often they win cases against policy holders for future litigation purposes (to reduce potential losses).

Independent Adjuster – When it comes to your insurance claim, an independent adjuster is there for the company, not you. They are hired by a third party and work on behalf of them in order to protect their interests with all that they do.

Their main responsibility is ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible so things can be resolved quickly without any issues or complications popping up along the way which might cause more harm than good towards both parties involved the process of settling losses.

Public Adjuster

Public Adjusters are licensed professionals that specialize in working with your insurance company to settle disputes for you.

These skilled negotiators know all the tricks of their trade, including deadlines and legal loopholes, which can make them more successful than lawyers or private consultants at reaching agreements on disputed claims–not just between you and an Insurance Company but also among different insurers who might be in disagreement over coverage issues.

Public adjusters work as independent contractors rather than employees; it is a profession without standard operating procedures because each case has its own specifics before negotiations take place.

They are the first line of defense when an insurance dispute arises.

The public adjusters work with clients to determine how much they should be compensated for their losses, and once that is determined, attorneys will then help them file a lawsuit against the responsible party if necessary.

First, a claim is going to need to be scoped and valued. Typically an attorney will hire us to do that work if someone goes directly to them. Some statistics we’ve seen say that less that 2% of claims need the assistance of an attorney. So our advice is to save your money and let us try and mediate the claim first.

If the loss needs legal representation, we are more than happy to refer you to any number of reputable attorneys who are specialists in first party property insurance claims.

Legally, public adjusters are not allowed to accept any type of referral fee from an attorney so this is done as a courtesy and without any conflict of interest.

If you are experiencing any of the following you might consider getting a professional involved.

  • You don’t fee like your carrier is offering you a fair settlement or is undervaluing. items. The insurance company may want to see if you will accept a low ball offer
  • Your insurance company is non-responsive and dragging out your claim.
  • Your insurance company is blaming the damage on pre-existing conditions or using a technicality within the insurance policy to say your loss is not covered.
  • You are getting the run around which often occurs in large catastrophic (CAT Losses) events such as hurricanes , large scale flooding and in community wide effected fire losses. Insurance companies are often overwhelmed and as these claims drag out we see multiple adjusters involved which often means the process has to start over from the beginning with each new adjuster.
  • You do not understand the terms being used to explain the process. Knowing what these terms mean such as actual cash value, replacement cost , depreciation, etc can put you at a big disadvantage .
  • Receiving a request/demand for a proof of loss can be a big red flag. It means that you now have the burden of coming up and documenting the value of your loss that must be filled in on the proof of loss form.
  • Make sure you are dealing with a person from the insurance company that has the authority to make decisions on your claim. Ask them if they have adequate financial authority for the amounts of money that are due you.

If you are not insured by a public adjuster, it is up to YOU as the policyholder to prove how much money was lost.

However, this can be difficult without any professional help.

By hiring a public adjuster, you have a firm that always has your back and will do all of the hard work for you–not only in proving costs but also with negotiating settlements on your behalf and ensuring timely payments—you have one less thing to worry about when times get tough.

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Leave Your Phone Number, Our Experts Will Call You

We promise a 2 hour turn-around time for urgent cases that demand immediate attention.

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