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1,000’s of Construction Workers Traveled to Work on February Texas Freeze Claims

Roofing and Contractors Streaming to Texas

In the wake of the winter storms and freezing temperatures, contractors from many areas of the United States traveled to Texas to help manage the onslaught of claims.

As shown in the map below, contractors representing nearly all 50 states came to help with the catastrophe.

About 4,786 claims were assigned to contractors from Alabama, 1,663 were delegated to contractors from California, 1,570 were delegated to contractors from Georgia, 1,097 were assigned to contractors from Virginia, and another 1,005 have been assigned to contractors from Arizona.

report midwest freeze february 2021 Texas Frozen pipes
Source: Xactware

Property Owners Need to Be on the Look-Out For Scams

After a major storm, contractors — and unfortunately some scam artists — are quick to arrive on the scene. This leads to shoddy repairs, fake contracts, along with other problems. The Texas Department of Insurance created a special fraud device which matches with local officials following a disaster and explains measures they could take to shield residents from contractor scams.

A major selling point bad contractors frequently use is offering to waive or consume the homeowner’s deductible. The builder then cuts corners, utilizes lower quality products, or inflates the bill sent to the insurance company to pay for the gap.

It’s illegal for builders or roofers to provide to waive a deductible or guarantee a lien for all or part of a deductible. Under the new law effective September 1, violators could get up to a $2,000 fine and up to six months in prison.


Quick Tips on How Make Sure You Don’t Get Ripped Off

  • Get written estimates on business letterhead with direct contact info.
  • Get more than 1 bid to judge which ones are too high or too good to be true.
  • Check references and phone numbers.
  • Beware of those who just have out-of-town references or solicit door to door.
  • Do not pay in full up front and do not make a final payment until the job is done.
  • Never sign a contract with blanks on it.


When in Doubt, Give Citizens a Call

When in doubt, Citizens can provide references for a reputable contractor in your area, feel free to give us a call at (855) 456-8966 or use the contact form here

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