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Home Hail Damage Insurance Industry Trends ... Citizens Public Adjusters named in “Best Texas-Based Companies in the Commercial Insurance Industry” list.

Citizens Public Adjusters named in “Best Texas-Based Companies in the Commercial Insurance Industry” list.

Top 55 Commercial Insurance companies in Texas

Daily Finance Honors Citizens Public Adjusters as one of the "Best Texas-Based Companies in the Commercial Insurance Industry".

The article in Daily Finance showcases top picks for the best Texas-based companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating Texas commercial insurance industry, but are all exceptional Texas companies well worth following.

Daily Finance looked at companies and evaluated: Innovation, Growth, Management and Societal impact.

Citizens Public Adjusters Innovating in Large-Loss Texas Claims

Citizens Public Adjusters is a Texas-based company that has grown quickly over the last two years becoming a well-known name in the world of large-loss claims. They are one of the most well-known Texas public adjuster companies, and work with Texas commercial property owners to reduce loss from hail, hurricane or any other natural disaster.

A Texas Focus Gives Citizens' Clients Faster Payment on Claims

A Regional Focus Means a Win for Clients

Unlike many other companies in the industry, Citizens Public Adjusters focuses exclusively on Texas, meaning efficient infrastructure and reduced overhead cost and other expenditures associated with a national footprint. By staying lean on infrastructure, resources are put back into hiring the best adjusters and equiping them with the tools, technology, and data needed to represent clients for maximum settlement amounts.

Keen Insight into Texas

In addition, the Company knows the climate, legal jurisdictions, insurance companies and roofing companies in the state. This allows them to secure higher settlement amounts and a faster process to get commercial property owners the money needed to make repairs to their investments.

The article also highlights some key management aspects at Citizens Public Adjusters including: excellent customer service; knowledgeable staff who have on average over 20 years experience; timely responses when contacted for questions or claims assistance; quick resolution time due to its close.

The Texas commercial insurance industry is changing and Citizens Public Adjusters has been at the forefront of this transformation by providing excellent customer service, timely responses when contacted for questions or assistance. 

What Citizens Does

Settlements are made with the insurance companies operating in Texas. The Company has earned a reputation for being fair, honest and aggressive when negotiating with these companies on behalf of commercial property owners.

The target is to settle commercial property claims within 60 days of the date of receiving a completed Claim Form and Statement of Loss from a commercial property owner. The Company has an average settlement time for these cases that is well below the industry standard. 

This makes it possible for property owners to better manage their business interruption risk and allows them to get money in hand for repair contractors more quickly than they could without having an adjuster representing their best interests.

Commercial Property Insurance Claims Overview

The most common types of damage are wind, hail and fire related, though water/ice damage can be significant as well. Sometimes, due to location or the particular construction of a building, roofs sustain damage from rain or snow before ever being hit by any sort of meteorological event.

It is not uncommon for roofs to have a combined age of 50 years or more.

The types of buildings with the greatest risk for roof damage are: Warehouses,  Office Buildings, High-Rise Condominium Associations, Residential Complexes, Schools & Universities especially with the recent winter freeze and frozen pipes.

From Citizens' Management

Other Leading Companies Named in the Article

The Artisan Works Group (The Artisan Works Group is the boutique provider of specialized insurance claims and risk management solutions.)

Insurepointe of Texas (Insurepointe of Texas provides risk analysis and insurance products and services for individuals and businesses.

NOW Insurance Services, Inc. (A full-stack commercial insurance platform for health care practitioners, business professionals and small business owners across industries)


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