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When Disaster Strikes, We Are Here To Manage Your Insurance Claim

Citizens Adjuster and Client

For Commercial Property Owners

When a natural disaster strikes, it can be devastating for your business. 

The insurance company is often times not your friend in this scenario, and will try to do everything they can to:

Ensuring full reimbursement for complex claims requires a team

We are an independent public adjuster firm who work on behalf of commercial real estate investors like yourself when their properties suffer from water or wind damage due to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires etc.

Our job is to help secure fair payments for rebuilding costs so that your business operations can continue uninterrupted after a major loss. 

If necessary, we have partner law firms if more drastic steps are needed.

Citizens Public Adjusters specializes in helping commercial real estate owners:

We negotiate directly with the insurance company so you don’t have to spend time dealing with them and waiting months for payment while also reducing any potential conflict of interest between you and an insurer’s representative or contractor hired by the insurer or its representative (who may want to minimize payments due).

Our fees are strictly on commission, so we are motivated by our clients’ success and our goals are aligned.

When you engage Citizens, you engage a team of experts will fight aggressively on your behalf until you’re fully compensated for any loss incurred as a result of flooding, fire damage or other unexpected events that may occur at your place of business. 

Why 100's of Property Owners Have Hired Citizens:

The Claims Process:

We Manage the Entire Process from Beginning to End


Contact us

Give us a call or send us a message. We are able to provide you with the assistance that you need no matter what time or day.


Investigation Begins

We start asking you for all the necessary details regarding the incident. This will help us build a case that can help increase your settlement claim. It also provides us with the information necessary to support your claim.

We go through your insurance contract to ensure that you are able to get the most out of it. Compared to doing it on your own, hiring a public adjuster allows you to interpret contracts to allow it to work in your favor.


Claim Documentation

We would need to help you substantiate your claim for a stronger case.

We would help you compile the necessary documents to be presented to the insurance company for a smoother processing of the claims.

With enough evidence, you are able to maximize your insurance claim and the insurance company will have no other recourse but to comply.

We can work with experts to provide a more detailed estimate on how much the damage really costs. The opinions of these experts can substantiate the claim to prove the specific amount of loss.


Claim Presentation

Now that we have all the substantial evidence, we can face your insurance company prepared.

We are able to counter their offer and ask for more. Since we are equipped in dealing with different insurance companies, we know exactly how to get the best of the settlement claims for you. We know the most important items to present to the insurance company. This information will help you get ahead.



This is every property owner’s favorite part of the process.After all the damage that you have faced and all the adversities that you went through, you are finally able to get your fair share of the insurance settlement.

Commercial Insurance Claims Damage We Work With


How Can we Help You?

Contact us at the Citizens’ office nearest to you or request a phone consultation below.

Types of Property Damage Claims We Manage

Commercial buildings are particularly vulnerable to storm damage, which can happen in many forms.

Insurance should cover you for all damages caused by storms, but the carrier is often not the first one to tell you that.

The most common types of storm damage we see in commercial properties that insurance should pay for include: wind-driven rain, hail, high winds and fallen trees or tree limbs. If any of these event happen to your property then your insurance company will be responsible for paying the costs incurred from fixing the damage–and this includes lost income if you need to close down until repairs are complete.

Regions We Cover

If you are an owner of commercial real estate in Texas, it’s important to have a trusted partner on your team.

We are experienced public insurance adjusters who have helped hundreds of property owners recover from disasters. Our team of PA’s work with only reputable and qualified regional subcontractors for surveying damage, estimating losses, while we negotiate settlements with insurers directly. We serve all regions in Texas.

Ready To Receive A Fair And Honest Settlement?