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Find the Best Roofers and Public Adjusters in Texas

Commercial Contractors and Storm Repair Professionals Working Throughout Texas

Citizens Public Adjusters is a team of experts who have been working with contractors and storm repair professionals for years.

The goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive list of options for your needs. Whether you need roof repairs, public adjusting help or contractors, this directory has it all.

With storms like Uri, Laura and Harvey, it is important to know who to call when you are in need of storm damage repair professionals.

Our directory offers everything from roofers, public adjusters, contractors and more with listings for every major city in Texas including Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, El Paso among others.


Considerations When Hiring a Contractor

One of the most common mistakes that property owners make is choosing a contractor whose estimate comes close to what their insurance company estimates. More important than the amount you believe it will cost with your contracter–most contractors’ quotes are going to be higher than an insurer’s quote anyway–is how comfortable and trustworthy they seem at early stages in your dealings with them.

Your insurance company will work with whomever you choose, and they want to make sure that the contractor or designer you select is qualified. They don’t like paying for quality contractors but many times they won’t have a choice; and they would typically rather pay once for something then paying for someone cheap, and then it costing them more than anyone else in the end.

Questions to be asking yourself and the contractor:

  1. What kind of contractor are they?
  2. What kind of experience do they have, and is it similar to your situation?
  3. Do they give free estimates?
  4. Are they licensed and bonded?
  5. Do they guarantee their work?
  6. What is the timetable for repairs?
  7. What are terms of payment?
  8. Do they have insurance?

How To Use the Directory

This list includes the best of the best. You can find a full profile on each company including their location, phone number(s), contact email address as well as customer reviews. We have also compiled an index so that you can browse by city or type. This way you only see what’s relevant to your needs which saves time and energy.

You can find a contractor in the list that is appropriate for your property type. If you are just looking for storm damage repair services without any other specific needs, we have compiled a directory of people who provide those types of services too.

Use this resource to find the best contactor or public adjuster near you and get back on track with repairs today.

Profiles of Texas Construction Professionals

The detailed profiles of Texas-based construction professionals can be found and searched below. If you would like a referral or recommendation for a specific skill, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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