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Are you a commercial property owner who has suffered damage from Hurricane Ida?

You’ve been through enough. Let us take care of the rest and get your claim settled so that you can focus on rebuilding your business.

We’re public insurance adjusters and our job is to get you the most money for your claim due to damage from Hurricane Ida. 

We work on contingency fees so there are no upfront costs to hire us.

Our team of experts will handle all communication with your insurer and negotiate on your behalf until we reach a fair settlement that covers all damages.

Get Your Free Claim Review

Call us today at (855) 456-8966 to ensure you are paid in full for any damage to your property!

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The Insurance Company has Their Adjuster. Shouldn't You Have Yours?

Hurricane Ida has been a nightmare for commercial property owners in the Southern Gulf region, and the insurance companies are not helping. With confusion over what is covered as part of a flood claim, or general liability, who and where to submit forms to, and when they’re sending an adjuster out, we are seeing property owners lose: money, time, and peace of mind.

  • Is the insurance company delaying payment, or denying your claim outright?

  • Have you received a low-ball offer that doesn’t begin to cover the costs to make the necessary repairs?

  • Did the damage just happen, and you are trying to figure what to do next?

When dealing with complicated claims involving thousands or millions of dollars, it pays to have someone on your side who knows what they’re doing.

Get Reimbursed Faster

Compared to "doing it yourself", past clients have found us drive a process that gets their claim done 3 - 4 times faster.

Get the Full amount Your are Owed

Studies have shown a public adjuster can get you 2-5 times more money on your own property damage.

We have an established track record and 96% recovery rate.

Save Time and Peace of Mind

Resolving a complex claim is a tremendous amount of time and focused effort, and requires multiple disciplines.

A Public Adjuster can take that burden off your shoulders and focus on the business.

How does a public adjuster work?

Review and Assess Property Damage and Prepare the Claim

We will review and assess the damage that was caused by Hurricane Ida, including sending our own team of adjusters and experts to evaluate the property.

We then evaluate how much you should be paid taking into account all factors.

Prepare the Claim and Negotiate with the Insurance Company

We then negotiate aggressively on your behalf with the insurance company.

The greatest advantage we can bring is making a strong case based on facts, evidence, and contract law.

Insurance Settlement Paid

After recieving what we all believe to be the best possible offer, we then finalize the claim settlement with the insurance company.

On finalization, the insurance company delivers the settlement check to you for payment and we are paid a fee.

We are public adjusters who specialize in complex hurricane damage claims

Our public adjusters will help you get the maximum settlement that your policy covers. 

You can trust our expertise with all types of property damage claims including windstorm, hail, fire and theft losses. 

We also provide assistance with business interruption insurance claims as well as other coverage from commercial policies such as auto or life insurance companies after a natural disaster has occurred.

My family's refrigeration and cooled storage business was hammered by hail, and our insurance company (shall remain unnamed) was being really difficult to work with - dragging their feet, refusing to pay for a large portion of the damage - was a nightmare.

Ultimately: got done in a month what we'd been trying to do for 6 months, and the full claim paid.

Highly recommend, do yourself a favor and talk to them, experts, professional, and really great to work with.

Thanks again!
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Proudly Serving the Southern United States

Headquartered in Dallas with offices throughout the Southern Gulf Region including Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi

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Citizens Public Adjusters

If you have suffered property damage due to Hurricane Ida, we can help negotiate your residential or commercial insurance claim.

Citizens Public Adjusters is an experienced and well-seasoned team of public adjusters, with support from engineers, contractors, and meteorologists with a 30-year track record of success advocating on behalf of policyholders.


1920 McKinney Blvd, Dallas Texas

Call us today at:
(855) 456-8966
or schedule a time below so we can start working on your claim immediately!

After all was said and done:

They increased my settlement by 200%, after their fees (10%), that was a net increase of 190%...

Saved me literally hundreds of hours, shortened the time from years to less than two months!

I could sleep well at night. I call that a no-brainer. Highly recommend!
Brian T.

1920 McKinney Blvd, Dallas Texas

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