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Helping property owners and construction professionals in Dallas, Texas.

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Are you a business owner in the DFW area who has suffered damage to your property?

Citizens Public Adjusters is here to help. We are a licensed Dallas public adjuster firm who can work on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve from your insurance company.

We know that dealing with insurance companies can be difficult, which is why we’re here to help. 

Let us take the hassle out of filing a claim and getting the money you need to repair your property.

Schedule a free consultation with our team, or call us directly at (855) 456-8966.


We manage the insurance claim process

Our licensed public adjusters are property damage insurance claims specialists who represent policyholders in dealings with their insurance companies. Commercial property owners hire public adjusters to help them receive a fair settlement for their insurance claim. 

We are experts in insurance claims and know how to deal with the complexities of the Insurance Code, Rule, and Regulations. 

Public insurance adjusters work for the policyholder, not the insurance company. They level the playing field between you and your insurer following a covered loss by protecting your interests and advocating on your behalf.

What a licensed public adjuster does:

  • Conduct a thorough review of your policy coverage and insurance contract
  • Evaluate the extent of your damages
  • Gather evidence to support your property claim
  • Calculate the cost of repairs
  • Negotiate with your insurance company to reach a fair settlement

How a public adjuster can help with commercial property storm damage claims

When a major storm hits, policyholders are often left to deal with the aftermath. Negotiating with insurance carriers and filing claims can be daunting tasks, but help is available.

Dallas public adjusters can assist with these insurance claims and help to ensure that property owners receive the compensation they deserve for their damaged property.

Who we work with in Dallas TX:

  • Commercial property owners
  • Multi-family property owners
  • Condominium associations
  • Apartment complexes
  • Retail storefronts
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial properties
  • Warehouse facilities

The benefits of working with public adjusters

Most people only think about working with a public adjuster when their property has been damaged, and they need to file an insurance claim.

However, there are many benefits to working with a public adjuster before any damage occurs.

By working with a Dallas public adjuster, commercial property owners can help negotiate insurance policies, get the most out of their coverage, and prepare for the unexpected.

Having someone who understands insurance policies and the claims process on your side can save you time and money in the long run. 

The insurance claims process: working with a Dallas public adjuster

The process is straight-forward, and we highly recommend consulting with us early in the process to determine the best course of action.

The first step is always a Phone Consultation to Evaluate Claim and set expectations for working together.

Managing an Insurance Claim in Five Steps

1. Discovery and Policy Review

We will obtain your insurance policy from your carrier and review it with you to make sure you understand the coverages.

We will also look for any potential errors or omissions in the policy that could limit your coverage.

2. Investigation and Documentation of Damage

We will thoroughly inspect the damage to your property and document it with photos, video, and a detailed report. We will also identify any undamaged property that sustained indirect damage as a result of the loss.

3. Estimate of Repair Costs

After our investigation is complete, we will prepare a detailed estimate of repair costs. This estimate will be submitted to your insurance company along with our report of damages.

3. Negotiation with Insurance Company

Once we have submitted our estimate and report, we will work with your insurance company to negotiate a settlement. We will fight for you to get the full a choosemount of your claim so that you can repair or replace your damaged property.

4. Appeals

If your insurance company denies your claim or offers an insufficient settlement, w important toe will file an appeal on your behalf. We have a proven track record of success in appeals, and we will not give up until you get the full settlement you deserve.

5. Settlement

Once we have negotiated a fair settlement with your insurance company, we will work with you to finalize the details and ensure that you receive the money you are entitled to.

Read More About the Process Here


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Dallas Public Adjuster Cost?

In Texas, Public Adjuster fees are capped at 10% of settlements received from insurance companies based on time spent working with them and the complexity of cases taken up by the PA to work out. There is never an up-front fee, we only get paid when you do.

Do You Have Anyone Local?

We are headquartered in Dallas, and work throughout most of Texas.

Citizens Public Adjusters Dallas Office

Our Dallas, TX office is available to serve you 24/seven. 

We understand that problems and questions frequently arise after normal business hours requiring responsiveness and quick contact. 

Our public adjusters are happy to discuss any commercial insurance issue with you.

The surrounding areas our public adjusters cover include: Harris County, Montgomery County, Galveston County, Brazoria County, and Fort Bend County


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Summary of 2021 Storm Damage in Dallas - Fort Worth

In the past few years, North Texas has experienced an increased number of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. These storms have caused billions of dollars in damage to commercial properties.

The most extensive damage has come from the hail storms that have battered the state recently. If your commercial property has been damaged by severe weather, it’s essential to contact a Dallas public adjuster as soon as possible.

dallas public adjuster winter storm 2021

2021 Storm Damage: Insurance Claims Still being Filed

If you are a business owner in the Dallas area, you know that 2021 was a challenging year.

New types of damage, such as loss of power and extreme temperatures, have made it necessary to adapt to the changing insurance landscape.

For example, from February 11-19, most of Texas experienced a prolonged period of frigid cold, ice, sleet, and snow. Temperatures in much of the state remained below freezing until February 20, and much of the state experienced sustained or rotating power outages.

This resulted in property damage caused by freezing pipes; fallen tree limbs; the weight of ice, sleet, and snow; and other related causes.

On February 26, the Texas Department of Insurance issued Bulletin B-0009-21, activating its catastrophe statistical plan to collect data for this event.

This data compilation contains the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) information for the February 2021 Texas winter weather event. As a business owner, it is essential to be aware of such events and their potential effects on your property. Stay safe and informed in 2021!

We expect the trend of larger hailstone size and frequency to continue in the coming years. As a result, homeowners and business owners need to be prepared with the right insurance coverage.

If you have any questions about your current coverage, don’t hesitate to contact your insurance agent or company. Stay safe out there!

The Types of Property Damage Claims We Work on in Dallas

Construction Professionals in Dallas We Trust


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We promise a 2 hour turn-around time for urgent cases that demand immediate attention.

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