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Hail Damage

Has hail damaged your commercial property?

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Hail is nearly always devastating to your business – especially your building’s roof.

Outwardly, it may not appear as though any real damage was done – but if you look closely, you can see the nicks and dents in the roof system from the hail damage.

When hail – especially golf ball size or larger – strikes your roof at an average of 120+ mph, not only is the top layer damaged, but the insulation and other roof layers also take a hit.

This can lead to future leaks or even a collapse if left unresolved.


Don’t leave your roof damaged, it will only get worse.

If you believe your business or buildings took a beating from a storm, call the professionals to take a look at it.

With more than 30 years of experience, our company has a proven track record in recovering favorable claim results. 

We work with property ownersbusiness owners, and construction professionals to ensure their claim is paid quickly and for the full amount needed to restore the property to its original state.

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Hail Damage to Commercial Property: Some Background

Hail-related insured losses averaged $8 billion to $14 billion per year from 2000 to 2019, according to Aon.

In 2020, there were 4,611 major hailstorms, according to NOAA’s Severe Storms database.

Hail Damage Number of Events by State for 2020

hail damage statistics for texas 2021

According to an analysis by the insurer released in April, State Farm paid out $3.1 billion in hail damage claims in 2020Again, Texas led the way with $474.6 million in hail damage, followed by Illinois ($394.2 million), Minnesota ($259.2 million), and Missouri ($236.2).

According to Verisk’s report, The Hail Hazard and Its Impact on Property Insurance, 6.2 million properties in the United States were damaged by hail in 2020, about a million fewer than in 2019. These figures reflect the fluctuations in frequency over the past decade.

The 6.2 million properties damaged by hail were responsible for close to $14 billion in losses for 2020. Texas had the most properties affected (1.5 million), which is a staggering number – that’s close to 1 in 5 properties that suffered hail damage – making up almost a quarter of all U.S. properties affected. Illinois ranked second with about a half-million properties affected, and Indiana ranked third with about 372,000 properties affected.

It stresses the spread of hail to all states and the low frequency/high severity of hail, which occurs at irregular intervals. It also discusses the long tail of hail losses due to the vulnerability of roofs to hail damage, which is often out of sight.

Percentage of Properties Damaged by Hail

percentage of properties damaged by hail in 2020 by state

Texas Counties with the Most Severe Storm Damage

texas counties with highest hail damage

Types of Hail Damage

Hailstones more than 3/4″ in size can trigger a great deal of damage. As a point of reference, 3/4″ is about the size of a dime. As a result, we see all kinds of roof damage, and it’s not just from the record-breaking hail storms with 5″ hailstone: prolonged exposure to smaller size hail can cause just as much damage.

Below we define the numerous kinds of damages that might occur throughout a hail storm.

Granule loss

Your roof shingles have a layer of granules on top of them. The granules help safeguard the asphalt of the tile from the elements, can be fire immune, include a layer of security from UV light, as well as supplies shingle coloring. When you lose granules, you make your roofing system more vulnerable to damage.

Broken or subjected fiberglass floor covering

Fiberglass matting is typically utilized in roofing systems to boost structure strength and supply an added layer of insulation. However, if this matting is subjected or fractured, this can permit wetness and mold, and mildew to build up. This can also cause major increases in electricity costs, as cooling and heating systems have to work harder due to poor insulation caused by cracks in the damaged roof.

Sealant erosion

Although roof shingles are toenailed onto each roof covering, there is likewise a sealant placed on the roofing. While the nails hold the roof shingles down, the sealant helps the shingles from moving too much. Hailstorm damage can contribute to sealer disintegration, which may lessen the seal and increase the chance of more deterioration to roof shingles.

What Goes Wrong When it Comes Time to File a Hail Damage Insurance Claim

Regrettably, we receive calls from policyholders offered partial fixes of roof and siding from their insurance company rather than an appropriate replacement.

With many hail claims, there will be additional issues you will face, such as the scope of loss, along with the dollar amount your insurance adjuster claims you are going to get paid by the policy coverage terms and conditions.

The assigned insurance company’s experience, expertise, and knowledge of the adjustment process will play an essential role in the way your claim is settled and valued. Many are experts in denying, delaying, and reducing the claim – their bottom-line depends on it.

A frequent problem that arises is if you’ll be paid to replace the roof or if a patch job will be provided as a partial repair.

While arguing over the scope of loss and price of the fix can look like a good thing (at least the insurance company acknowledges that you get a covered loss), there are several other cases where the insurance company will dispute that the damages were caused by hail, claiming previous wear and tear.

This is a standard dodge we see all over Texas. This is where property owners may need the expert help of a public adjuster representing their interests and making a technical and forceful argument on their behalf.

Repairing Hail Damage: Roof Replacement or Patch?

In some cases, a customer may be informed that the insurance company only has sufficient coverage to cover a patch occupation. For example, this could happen if the building isn’t destroyed but rather has suffered damages from hail strike, yet also experienced other damages before the storm, consisting of deterioration from mold and mildew.

You will need a public adjuster or roofing specialist aware of the portion of your building that was harmed by hail to estimate how much it will cost to repair the damages.

If your insurance company claims that you can only get a partial fix, don’t be intimidated into accepting their word as gospel. This is the time to consult with a public adjuster who can quickly determine what’s covered under your insurance policy.

How Much Is Your Property Worth?

Another critical issue arises when insurance companies claim that damages are not covered by policy coverage due to prior deterioration. One of the most common ways insurers reject storm claims is to declare that the damages result from “prior existing conditions,” which they believe brings about large problems for customers.

If your roof is older than 10 years of age, the insurance company might deny that the damage was caused by hail. If a few shingles were missing before the storm, they might likewise state that these damages are one more case of ‘prior existing condition’ and, for that reason, not covered by the policy.


What should Commercial Property Owners Do After a Hail Storm?

Don’t be victimized in the adjustment and repair replacement process caused by hail damage.

Filing a property insurance claim and successfully regaining your financial loss from hail damage can be very challenging given the many insurance policy coverage issues that arise and the discretionary nature of the insurance adjusting procedure.

  • Don’t let the insurance company run the process. the smart property owners we’ve seen take control, hire their own public adjuster, and construction professionals.
  • Remember, knowledge and information is power. Do you know the questions to ask and what you are entitled to within an insurance loss adjusting process from a hail event?
  • You need to have the damages recorded and the adjustment process completed professionally to get you correctly indemnified to your loss.

A reasonable and honest settlement to properly restore your roof damage and any other siding house damage is not only important to guard your biggest property investment but also needs to be in the best interest of your insurance provider too.

Citizens is Here to Help Manage the Process and Get the Full Amount for Your Insurance Claim as Fast as Possible

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We promise a 2 hour turn-around time for urgent cases that demand immediate attention.

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