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Fire Damage

Fire damage requires important, short-term decisions when stress is high and everything is at stake.

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The fire damage claim process for commercial property owners in Texas can be a long road, but the public adjusters at Citizens Public Adjusters are here to guide you through it.

Our goal is to help get your business back up and running as quickly as possible and minimize disruption to your business while maximizing the amount of your insurance claim.

The aftermath of a fire is an overwhelming time for business owners.

Many proprietors will face cash-flow problems, rebuilding and construction issues, and extremely difficult decisions as they wait for an insurer to pay a claim.

Property owners trust Citizens Public Adjusters to manage their commercial property damage claim and maximize their insurable payment.

Fires are a major risk for any business because of the high likelihood that one will happen and the variety and extent of damage they can cause.


This can include:


Structural Damage

Fires often lead to structural problems, such as crumbling walls or buckled masonry; fires may even result in warped materials which must be replaced before future use.

Soot and Smoke

Soot and smoke can make for an eyesore on walls with its black residue but don’t think that just because the carpet is white means everything else is too – carbonaceous particles are known allergens that might not have been visible until now.

Losses from Fire Suppression 

Sometimes firefighting materials such as water, foam, or powders can cause further losses to burned and unburned items. The amount of coverage for damage caused by fire suppression varies by policy, but the fees charged on behalf of the firefighter’s services vary from state to state.

Aesthetic Damage

Aesthetic damage can be a serious problem for any business owner. Scorch marks and burning smells affect the perception of your company and cost you customers and make it difficult to retain employees who may find other opportunities elsewhere.

Business Interruption

Business owners are in more danger from fire than the damage of their property—if they have to shut down. However, suppose structural damages force them into scaling back operations or shutting down entirely. In that case, key employees may leave and fulfillment deadlines not be met, leading to income losses that aren’t covered by basic insurance.

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The Hidden Costs of Commercial Fire Damage: Business Interruption


Small businesses in the United States are not only at risk of fires; they also have to be wary of how much coverage their insurance will cover. 

Fires account for nearly 50% of all claims due to small business property damage and, as you can imagine, costs owners a fortune if it happens on one’s premises.

Unfortunately, smaller companies often find themselves paying hundreds or even thousands out-of-pocket because fire protection is typically offered by the more expensive commercial policies, which usually have higher deductibles that smaller firms cannot afford–especially when this type of event disrupts operations so severely.

The good news? If a claim is properly managed, losses associated with business interruption can be documented and recouped from the insurance company. 


Some of the Key Factors Impacting The Size and Scope of Fire Damage Insurance Claims



For example, fires may be more costly for certain businesses depending on their: Size. The larger your commercial enterprise is, the greater the potential to suffer a large loss from fire due to expensive furniture packages used every day in heavy-usage facilities like hotels and apartment buildings (among other types).


Location. Your location can increase the likelihood of a fire, such as if you live in an area prone to wildfires or share walls with restaurants and bars.

Age of The Building

The older the building, the more expensive it is to rebuild.

Older buildings have various problems that will cost money with each year they are left in disrepair: hazardous materials cleanup before rebuilding; preservation-specific paints/glass or roofing material costs during construction and compliance upgrades for safety codes after reconstruction.


Insurance companies can be unwilling to cover the full replacement cost of lost items, operating on an actual cash value (ACV) basis.

This means they deduct the amount of depreciation from what you need for a new item and leave owners with far less than needed in many cases.

If you want your belongings replaced at their original purchase price, make sure that’s included or have another type of plan like one that allows for recoverable depreciation if necessary!


Industry can play a large role in your fire damage losses.

For example, heat from the fire and water from fighting fires are often devastating for electronics–potentially costing millions of dollars if you rely on them heavily in your business.

Therefore, your policy should be tailored to suit the needs specific to what industry you’re in; this means extra equipment coverage or data loss insurance depending on which type of company you have as well as with any other special circumstances that could affect how much money is lost due to these damages caused by disasters like wildfires or floods.

Policy Extensions

In most cases, insurance companies will not cover fire losses if the policyholder neglected to take adequate precautions.

Owners can protect their employees and property by installing smoke alarms and fire suppression systems, ensuring that all extinguishers are regularly inspected, training staff on what steps they should take in case of a fire.

It’s important to have an all-inclusive insurance plan with plenty of coverage options. One great way to protect your company is by adding more business interruption and extra expense coverages.

This can help if you are unable to continue doing business because there was a fire or other disaster at one of your locations, as well as provide funds for operating costs when opening up temporary location while repairs take place.


How We Help Commercial Property Owners With Their Fire Claims

The experience of a severe fire damaging or destroying your property can be traumatizing. Insurers promise “they will be there” in your time of need, but unfortunately, its not that simple.

The insurance company won’t just cut you a check; you must prove the damages you’re claiming, including smoke, soot and water damage.

Our public adjuster team can assist you throughout the claim process, so you can rest assured your claim is handled properly and completely. 

Give us a call, we come out and inspect the damage, and put a plan in place for handling the insurance claim and getting business / property back to it’s original condition.

Two decades of experience, mean the highest possible settlement amount in the shortest time.

A full team of licensed professionals that understand claims, construction, actuarial tables, law, and project management.

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We promise a 2 hour turn-around time for urgent cases that demand immediate attention.

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